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Modafinil is legal to purchase online for delivery to the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, New Zealand, and, Australia provided that your order is for personal use only.

We offer super-discreet packaging and provide ultra-fast modafinil shipping. A customs declaration comes attached to your parcel, to inform your local customs authorities about the goods you are importing. This declaration is required by law.

If you are concerned about your privacy, the good news is that we label each of our products as “health supplements”, which works in 99.7% of cases. In a very small number of cases, “health supplements” is not deemed as enough information, and the package will be destroyed. If this happens, we will re-ship your order free of charge.

We split bulk orders (360 pills or more) into several packages and ship them separately to reduce instances of entire shipments being confiscated and destroyed.

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