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How can I get a returning customer discount and a coupon code for my next order?

Returning Customers Get 10 Extra Pills Worth $29

A returning customer coupon may be found in your order confirmation email as well as in some other transactional emails (e.g., Order Delivered).

We allow only one coupon to be used per order. If you have more than one code, you might be able to use your other code sometime in the future if you want to make an additional order with us. But each order only allows for one code. Please note that the minimum spend amount for the returning customer discount is $100.

Leave a Review for More Extras

If you write us a review, we'll give you a coupon for +20 extra tablets worth $49 with your next purchase. Share it on our Trustpilot page, and we'll upgrade you to +30 extra pills worth $69! A review really anywhere else online is also very much appreciated.

An automatic after-purchase email with an honest review request will be sent to you in 30 days after you place an order with us.

Optionally, feel free to leave your review on our Trustpilot page after you receive your package and contact our support to get your coupon.

If you place a review of our company elsewhere online, please contact our support team and let them know. Through the support of our customers, and the positive reviews we gain online, we can continue to provide an excellent standard of service while keeping costs low for loyal customers like you.

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